JIPAT国際委員会主催「サロン・ド IP」 / JIPAT Salon de IP 2023 with Lars Vejen

JIPAT国際委員会主催「サロン・ド IP」 / JIPAT Salon de IP 2023 with Lars Vejen

日本に魅了されたデンマーク人デザイナー ーLars Vejenのものづくりー

JIPAT国際委員会が、定期的に開催しているサロン・ド IP。4 年ぶりのリアル開催となるセミナーのご案内をお届けします。


今回のゲストは、デンマークと京都に拠点を持ち、さまざま分野で活動の幅を広げるデンマーク人建築家・デザイナーのLars Vejen(ラース・ヴァイエン)氏。

1995 年にインターンシップで来日して以来、日本のものづくりに魅了され、現在はデンマークと日本両方を拠点に活動しています。彼のものづくりは多岐に渡り、家具、インテリアデザイン、照明、アクセサリーなど様々な専門家とコラボレーションしています。

日本でのプロジェクト、コラボレーションの裏側、環境に配慮したデザインへの取り組みなどお話いただきます。今回のサロン ド IP は、Lars Vejen 氏の来日に合わせ、4 年ぶりのリアル開催となります。 ( ※通訳あり)リアル会場では、セミナー終了後、交流会も予定しておりますので、皆様ふるってご参加ください。

日  程:2023 年3 月10 日( 金)


交 流 会:19:40~20:30(会場リアル参加の方のみ)

リアル会場:東京デザインセンター5F クラフテック・ギャラリー


参 加 費:3,000 円(JIPAT 会員)※軽飲食つき

      4,000 円(ビジター)※軽飲食つき   

      1,000 円(オンライン視聴)

Salon de IP 2023 日本に魅了されたデンマーク人デザイナー ーLars Vejenのものづくりー | Peatix


主   催:東京インテリアプランナー協会(JIPAT) 国際委員会


後   援:デンマーク大使館

協   力:Educational Visits Denmark / Kvadrat Japan / Bo Concept





Lars Vejen-Jensen ラース・ヴァイエン
1971 年生まれ デンマーク/ 建築家、デザイナー
(MAA, MDd) Lars Vejen-Jensen 代表/ クリエイティブディレクター
Salon de IP 2023
Awards and honorables;
Red Dot Design Award, 2005, 2009 / SOLID urban furniture
Danish Arts Foundation, 2017 / Design Collaborations Japan – Denmark exhibition
iF Design Award, 2018 / fermacell ACOUSTIC
German Design Award nominated, 2019 / fermacell ACOUSTIC ceiling
Design Awards winner ” Designer of The year” , 2018
Guest designer at RONG Design Library, Hangzhou (Cn), 2018
Red Dot Design Award, 2019 / FACET wall lamp
Danish Design Award nominated, 2019 / Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle door
ENSO lamp purchased by the Danish Arts Foundation, 2019
German Design Award, nominated, 2020 / Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle door
German Design Award, 2021 / NORDIC door handle by Randi
Danish Design Award, 2022, finalist / Hirata Gen Collection

The “Japan Interior Planner´s Association, Tokyo” (JIPAT) have invited Danish Architect and Designer, Mr. Lars Vejen, Co-founder of Njordrum, Njordrum Care and founder of Design Studio Lars Vejen, as keynote speaker at their annual seminar. JIPAT have invited Lars Vejen as part of their work with annual seminars introducing design and designers from outside Japan, and to present Njordrum Cares approach to “supportive architecture” to the audience at JIPAT. See www.larsvejen.dk 


Lars Vejen studied Architecture with focus on furniture design at Aarhus School of Architecture, and did his internship at Kyoto based company “Kohseki” back in 1995. Since graduation in 1996, he worked for 18 year in one of Denmarks largest and international operating Architectural firms, until he in 2014 founded “Design Studio Lars Vejen” and turned self employed. In 2018 he co-founded Njordrum and Njordrum Care together with Architect Martin Wienberg and Entrepreneur Steffen Toft. Lars Aarup has joined the team working with project development and Hiroshi Ota as project managing Architect. Njordrum works with project concepts and design of prefabricated, modular, wood houses and all the surrounding products – from building components, exterior furniture and acoustic products, to interior lighting, kitchens, door handles and home accessories.

Njordrum Care are working with supportive architecture and are currently working on their first care facility to be realised in Japan; the extension of an excisting care facility for people with special needs in Chiba, Tokyo. Their concept and projects are based on experience and knowledge from previous projects for fx. people with autism. The first large scale care and home facility for The Danish Autism Association has just begun near Copenhagen in Denmark and is to be completed in the beginning of 2024. See www.njordrumcare.com 


The seminar: JIPAT have around 400 members (designers, architects, gallery owners, distributors, researchers, clients etc.) and the seminar participants are not only members, but also many organisations involved in the design industry in Japan.


The event will take place in Tokyo on Friday, March 10th 2023. A limited amount of available seats for guests from outside the JIPAT organisation is available – for inquiries please contact JIPAT at intnl@jipat.gr.jp