Eilersen(アイラーセン) – 馬車からモダンな椅子へ / From carriage to modern chair

Eilersen(アイラーセン) – 馬車からモダンな椅子へ / From carriage to modern chair

デンマークの家具ブランド、アイラーセン(N. Eilersen A/S)は、スウェーデンのピエール・シンドル(Pierre Sindre)とのコラボレーションによる新しいエレガントなラウンジチェアを発表しました。










Danish furniture company N. Eilersen A/S has launched a new elegant lounge chair in collaboration with Swedish designer Pierre Sindre. Starting from the very beginning in 1895, the history of Eilersen design began when Niels Eilersen at the young age of 23 set out to create the “perfect” carriage. From then Niels Eilersen had his strength in the manufacture of wheels for horse-drawn carriages and bodywork for cars and buses, where he was the first in Denmark to produce bend wood using steam.

Innovation and tradition are still the essences of the company today, which has given life and name to classics over the years. This year Eilersen presents its modern chain inspired by its founder’s back-story and company logo, a carriage portrayed in a silhouette.

Named after the island where Eilersen is located, Funen, and constructed with Eilersens distinctive moulded back referencing the characteristic design of the carriage, the modern chair was created with the single ambition of recreating the same DNA as in its Eilersen sofas in other words the aim was to continue the tradition of developing furniture grounded in comfort and longevity.

The collaboration with Pierre Sindre, whose design is characterised by functionality and humanity has thus, resulted in a generous and opulent chair with the same level of comfort as known from Eilersen sofas.

Visually Funen leaves an elegant impression, expressing a passion for details in both the invisible functions, which safeguards durability – from the choice of thread to the slow-growing Scandinavian Pine tree for production – and the much more visible qualities.

Similar to Eilersen sofas the modern chair is available in two variants: a lower armchair of 73 cm and a taller one of 89 cm. For curious and interested souls in Japan, the chair will be available in Actus later this year or early 2022.